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This is the beautiful eulogy written and read by Johnathons uncle Frank for his funeral.  

Hi my name is Frank, and I am Johnathan’s Uncle. I have here in my hand a gift to share with everyone, but first I just want to say a few things to you. First I have been a very, very confused, weakened and saddened man for this past week or so. But you know what? Out of confusion there comes clarity, out of weakness there comes strength, out of saddness there comes joy, and these things are true to me.

You see I just kept on asking my self why this happened to poor little Johnathan, what was the answer to this question? I thought to myself, c’mon Frank you’re a smart guy why can’t you answer why, why, why? Then all of a sudden it came to me, change the question and then you will find the answer, so that is what I did. I stopped asking why, why why? I started saying, just like all of you here have been asking yourselves, what, what what? What could I do about what happened to poor little Johnathan

Oh and this felt good because the answer to this question came easily and was so, so simple. Mother Mary of God she knows the answer, Buddha he knew the answer, Mohammed he knew too, so did Mahtma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, and Jesus too. Gitchie Manitou knows. My friend John Lennon he knew the answer, so of course do all of you know the answer—"LOVE IS THE ANSWER, YES IS SURRENDER AND YOU KNOW THAT AS WELL AS I". 

So you see by changing the question I now know the answer, I know why this happened to Johnathan now. It is so we can become better people in this church, in this city, on this earth. Johnathan gave us his young life so we could all love each other just a little more, just a little better, so let’s not let him down okay. Let’s make the world a better place from this moment on, okay for Johnathan.

Now I have to tell you one more thing, you see my gift here in my hands, is a gift of words, just words all put together to say something to you today, but I did not make these words, that’s why these words are magic. What I am going to read to you next are magic words, because my fingers typed them, and the words echoed through my mind, yes but angels helped me. One angel of course we all know who he is, he wrote these words. He wrote them with how he lived his life. And he told me something else too. He said tell everyone that today it is very okay to be sad, sad, sad, but he said you know it is also very, very okay to be happy, happy happy. Because you know he said, "Saddness is only the cup that holds all the joy in this world", so he said "Frank when you read this today, when you read my life out today to all the people in the church today, you be happy okay Uncle Frank? So I thought to myself when angels tell you something you better listen to them. So yes its okay to be sad, but now I give you these happy words, this gift of love from Johnathan to all of you, be happy for awhile its okay. 




Dear Everyone,

Please don’t remember me - only - for the last few minutes of my life. That would not be fair- my life was so much more than only those minutes No, remember me in Spring , when the flowers poke gently through the warm soil kissed by the yellow sun. For are not children but blossoming humanity born into soft and lively springtime?
Remember me when I was born, you gathered round me to say, "Oh, oh!he’s so beautiful, so perfect!"

Remember my first bath, my first bite of solid food, my first steps

Remember these things. Think of my warm, snug cuddly pajamas when you think of me for these things are true of me, and real.

Remember the great big goofy Easter Bunny who left me eggs filled with chocolate and my face got dirty and my stomach hurt, remember Easter time and resurrection

In spring time we should remember our mothers. 

I remember mine. Think of her when you think of me,my hard working selfless mother who loved me all of the time.
Remember me for my mother

Think of puppy dogs and cute fluffy kittens

Think of me holding hands with my dad and he bought me an ice-cream cone and it fell off the cone and I smiled cause my dad bought me a new one.

No, life is more than just a few brief minutes

Think of me in the summer. Summer is for the kingdom of childhood. And this place of happiness I will not leave Now and forever.

Remember me in the summer on the last day of school, running through the doors with all my friends into warm lush sunshine.

Think of me throwing rocks into the blue, blue lake to watch them splash loudly over and over and just one more time throw a rock into still blue water for me.

Please remember me laughing with glee at the fun fairs and amusement parks I went to. Round and round and upside down, up and roaring down on roller coasters having fun, go there sometime and have fun and think of me amid the bright lights of the midway

Think of me when you eat a hot fudge brownie delight at the dairy queen in the heat of muggy Toronto’s hot summertime.

Remember when you would say hello to me and I would simply smile my summer shine smile I had for all seasons that’s how I’d say hello by smiling.

Think of me in autumn time when the trees before they go to sleep burst into awesome colour the autumn leaves are falling and I kick through them with my best friend in the bright red yellow orange valley of trees

Think of me on halloween night , full of fright but really full of candy.

Think of me when you hear Beethoven, his music relaxed me, calmed me, and made me feel good. Think of this and let music relax you, let it make you feel okay.

Think of me up in heaven with my Uncle Luke, he plays flute beautifully and now he plays Beethoven for me.

Remember me and Rolston and all of my friends at the huge big gigantic totally awesome wrestling match! NOW THAT WAS FUN! YES! Yes, I would say when I was happy, YES!, remember this and you remember me.

Remember me when you smells tacos, and curried chicken acooking, and sheperds pie abaking, grilled cheese agrilling, saltfish, boiling, and then frying up nicely. My favourites and boy I could eat!

Remember this.

Think of me when you see Miss Frizzle on the magic school bus and I will be with you, I will.

Think of me wholly--for my life is not only seconds in an hourglass.

No, no, don’t think of only those last few minutes, there are too many million more to hold onto if you think of me In winter do not think of me as cold and lifeless when the first snow falls and the world turns wonderfully white

Think of me in full flight racing down the hill on my official, professional GT snow racer. When winter storms gather and cover the frozen earth with blankets of white, think of me then, For I am innocent.

Think of the Santa Claus parade and all the bands and the upside down clowns, and the loving, yet alive person who brought me there.

Think of Rolston and remember me, we were joined together, in a loving caring bond, with my mom too, think of us three, and remember me.

Think of me on Christmas with presents under the tree lights sparkling, the pine smells so nice and so effortlessly brings me joy--think of my little small toes wearing slippers and I got just what I asked for-this year, thanks firefighters, remember how I smiled, when you gave us money for presents cause our house had a fire.

Think of brave and loving firefighters, and remember me.

Do not forget the courageous police officers when they sped off to my house to keep me safe. They risked their lives to protect mine. They are hurting very much now, those brave officers, they are all torn up inside now. They tried their very best - know this - do not forget them and then you remember me

Yes, yes think of me in winter, on snowy days, when thick fluffy flakes float and dance behind my window pane, snowflakes dancing in the light of the street lights in front of my warm and cozy Toronto house, think of me on snowy days when the whole world is magic, and not so tragic watching TV happily on cold winter days think of me then.

Remember me when you see two children lounging and laughing in front of silly video games I am there smiling too

Remember do. I was a funny guy you know I always made all my friends laugh, all the time. Humour was my gift, think of me when you see funny things, there’s lots of funny things around still; laugh at them, laugh for me, and then you remember me truly, cause I am a funny guy right now, and I make angels laugh

Remember me when the big round basketball drops through the big round hoop, almost silently, but for the swish sound of the mesh under the hoop, and me saying, Yes!

Remember, that’s what I’d always say when I was too happy, I loved basketball. Yes! I’d say when I found out I was going to meet the Toronto Raptors, think of me when you see basketball, and lacrosse, I loved the Rock, I have autographed balls from the players, remember me when you see young boys and girls collecting autographs from their childhood heroes. I have Alvin William’s autographed jersery. Yes! I would have said if I had of got it before those last few minutes, cause I only got it afterwards, but up here in heaven I know its mine, yes! Yes! I said when my parents told me they were taking me to Jamacia to meet my family there, Yes! I would even say if we were having curried chicken for dinner again. I had a very happy life, please remember this. Think of yes when you remember me think of love, okay?

Think of me in all seasons but remember that life itself, like the second hand on a clock moves quickly

Life is fleeting and you too will be with me soon. I wait for you smiling In your lives remember childhood, remember that I lived and breathed happiness and smiled as I smile now, Yes! Okay, YES!

Remember do My sister My friends, my cousins, my Aunts, my Uncles, and all my relations.

Think of all children and all their relations, when you remember me.

My best friend, my other friends, my classmates, my teachers, and my school principal, Know this--I am in heaven with my Nana and she takes care of me now

Remember a grandmother’s love is beautiful and all mine now, know this is true, and my Uncle Luke, and all my other family members gather round me in heaven and give me hugs and kisses, remember this, when you think of me today, and tomorrow, and forever more And my friends and all my loved ones take care of each other as you cared for me. No, no dear everyone, minutes are only small pieces of my life, my light, my gift to you when living,

Remember this please.

Take care of each other okay, and mom, oh mom, mommy, and Rolston too

Remember always I love you!

Your angel in heaven,

Johnathan Robert Madden.

Heaven’s Light

Sometimes things happen that are not right, sometimes people block heaven’s light, but that night something went on, my cousin was killed his name is John.
Although he is an angel in heaven’s sky, he lives in my heart,he did not die.

By Conor (Johnathon's cousin)

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