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We need to change the Laws.....Together  / Aunt Of Murdered 14yr. Old
So sorry Joanne..I have just lost my 14yr old Nephew and pain is great.  We have to stick together to change the laws for other families.  Again I am so sorry!
How does one's heart go on after such a loss  / Debra Schapansky (stranger)  Read >>
How does one's heart go on after such a loss  / Debra Schapansky (stranger)

I can not fathome or wrap my brain around this and I am a complete stranger to Johnathon. I am a mother and I do not know how I would feel or what I would do in your situation. 
I can only pray for peace for you and hope that your memorial web site will bring you comfort and do justice to Johnathon. What a beautiful angel face he  had. 
My heart aches for you and all the people personally touched by this tradgedy. 
I am thankful for this web site to honor your baby and to give others a chance to share with you and also honor his memory. Thank you for sharing this, it helps to remove the horror and put the attention where it belongs on you and all those who loved Johnathon.

My condolences  / Karen Busschaert (none)  Read >>
My condolences  / Karen Busschaert (none)

First of all i would like to pay my respects to the Madden family. im 19 years ol and i live in Belgium. I have family in Canada so i look at the news on google. when i first read about the tragedy your family was going through i could only pray to god that you would all find the strength to carry on with life. as hard as it may seemed then, i believe that Jonathan would be very proud to see the wonderful job you all are doing in keeping his memory alive.

Im very sorry for your loss, and will continue praying for all your family.


my heartfelt condolences  / Connie ((aunt 2 sammy pepe) )  Read >>
my heartfelt condolences  / Connie ((aunt 2 sammy pepe) )
To the Madden family- I have been following the story of Johnathon since it started. I am so very very sorry for the loss of this beautiful young man.  My heart goes out to you.  

God Bless - Sammy's aunt - Close
to all family and friends of Jonathon  / Allison S.   Read >>
to all family and friends of Jonathon  / Allison S.
I would like to express the sorrow that I have felt in reading about the terrible tragedy that has smothered your life these past years. Losing a child at the hands of his brother cannot be explained in any way - there will never be an understanding, a sense of calm, or peace surrounding this heartbreaking story. My hope is that the family and friends of Jonathon can relish in the happy memories that you hold in your heart, and that you can somehow, someway, someday find a peace inside yourself, and an acceptance of the tragedy. There is no doubt in my mind that the anguish and pain that has been suffered by those close to Jonathon, as well as the questions that surround the horrific crime which were commited will haunt you for your remaining days - for that I am truly sorry. I am sorry that Jonathon was robbed of his chance to become someone great, and that instead his memory and legacy will be preserved in a preverse and no doubt, inadequate manner. May you all find an inner strength today, and every day forward. My prayers are with you all. God Bless. Close
I have brothers too  / Ross (none)  Read >>
I have brothers too  / Ross (none)
    I have two younger brothers around Johnathon's age. When I read about this in the paper I began to cry and I am 20. When I think about my brothers I could not imagine not having them around. When I was younger we would always be doing something just us three brothers.  They were always around.  As much as I picked fights with my brothers I would still be unable to deal with the loss of either one.  I live in Scarbourough on Warden ave. This tragedy has changed me. From now on I will love my brothers as much as I can because I wouldn't want to be without them. I am so sorry for the brother. One day he will realize what he has done. As bad as this is for the mother right now, I think it will be much worse for the brother to deal with when he comes to terms with his actions. 

Ross Close
Great Kid with a kind look on his face  / RAM (Reader)  Read >>
Great Kid with a kind look on his face  / RAM (Reader)
Hard to believe any one would want to stab and end the life of such a sweet kid. I am sure he rests in peace. 

As for the elder brother, I am not sure what caused him to do what he did. For now he personifies evil. May be Canada should introduce severe punishment for such heinous crimes.

May this kid's sould rest in eternal peace. Close
I hope someone brings you food  / Lisa (none)  Read >>
I hope someone brings you food  / Lisa (none)
Much love to your family at this incredibly difficult time.  I wish you courage and strength.  There can't be anything comforting enough to say.  But I hope you can have a cup of hot tea and take a long shower and remember your lovely little boy. Close
Mrs / Waheza Sheikhassen (reader)  Read >>
Mrs / Waheza Sheikhassen (reader)
May God bless your angel soul and be near God Close
HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES  / Debbie (None)  Read >>
I have read about your son Johnathon's death in the papers before his name was published.  I felt the pain in my heart & soul for him and for what you & your family must be going through.  And, today I read the Toronto Star I know is full name and I can see his face.  He is among the many angels in heaven looking down on you & smiling.
Words cannot convey..  / Lynn   Read >>
Words cannot convey..  / Lynn
I am so so sorry for you and your family. Reading all these postings I have a constricted throat and tears flowing down my face. But your son's poem is truly magical and it is clear he is with God, in a happy place where he can be with you always. God Bless you and give you the strength you need.. Close
Heartfelt and sincere sadness for your loss.  / Micheal P. (None)  Read >>
Heartfelt and sincere sadness for your loss.  / Micheal P. (None)

Hi Joanne - I do not know you, but I do feel your loss. I just want you to know that if you live a good and exemplary life, you will see Johnathon again. No, I am not some sort of religious zealot or anything, just a graphic designer and father of two. What I said above (about seeing Johnathon again) is a promise from God - remember it always and you will be able to smile again. May He bless and keep you.
Take care.

Why? / Robert   Read >>
Why? / Robert
I've read the news reports, I visited this site and I will never understand why Jonathan was taken in this manner.
I have to admit that I'm in tears. 
My deepest condolences go to everyone who was part of Jonathan's life! Close
more than a memory  / Cassandra Scavetta (someone who has lost someone )  Read >>
more than a memory  / Cassandra Scavetta (someone who has lost someone )
hello, I just wanted tell you how sorry I am that you and your fmaily are going through what you are going through.  I lost my twin sister two years ago and so I know what is like to lose someone who is so much a part of who I am.
My sister is now my angel and never doubt that your son is now yours.  He's indeed more than a memory for his spirit is still alive (you just can't see him) and with you, now most of all because you need him.  but I know you already know that. 
Perhaps our little angels are together.

with light and love,
Cassandra Close
My deepest condolences  / Withheld (Juror)  Read >>
My deepest condolences  / Withheld (Juror)
I just wanted to express my sincere condolences regarding this entire event. It was extremely tragic for everyone involved. Jonathan had his whole life ahead of him and I personally will never forget the sad details surrounding this case. My heart goes out to you Joanne. 
Regarding Kevin, although I realize he must be accountable for his actions, I am saddened that the Judicial System has no interest in providing treatment for his condition. I see this as a real failure within our system. Kevin will be approx. 25 when he is released from prison, still a young man who will be returned to society to enter back into the workforce and participate in the community. I feel that it is critical, and to the interest of society in general, to help him  during these 7 years. 

Although Jonathan will never be forgotten, we must now concentrate on the healing process and provide help for those left behind. 

I wish you and your family all the love and comfort during this time.

for johnathon and his family  / Mythily Johnson (no relation )  Read >>
for johnathon and his family  / Mythily Johnson (no relation )

Dear Mr and Mrs. Madden, i want to thank you for doing this for johnathon, i only heard about this story yesterday. i read the story, and it just broke my heart. me, being a young single mom i couldnt even imagine living a life without my daughter, but you are such brave parents who can still go on with your life for johnathon. I am thankful that parents like you are, can set a good example for young parents like i am. I hope this tribute would touch the world and change it. Rest in peace Johnathon. 

Cry every time  / Noorja Shaikh (none)  Read >>
Cry every time  / Noorja Shaikh (none)
Dear Johnathon's mom, family and friends,

I've followed the story of J since it first reported in the papers - and each time i read about his death, tears came to my eyes. I don't know you guys but i really feel for your loss.  I'm sorry too about his brother and all the turmoil he must have gone through and is going through. I hope you can all somehow, someday find a little bit of peace amidst all this anguish. My heart really goes out to you. Hang in there.  Close
my deepest condolences  / John Wang (none)  Read >>
my deepest condolences  / John Wang (none)

My deepest of condolences goes out to you.  I have been following the news over the past few years and only yesterday did i know who they were and how I know them.  I dont want to sadden you or anything but lets say I went to school with your eldest son back and was once affect my his "rough personality" , and I feel very sorry for even knowing him at all.  

I am very devastated such a thing could have happen in a nice and quiet area that we lived in.  I am even more sorry such a thing could happen to such a beautiful and young man who had such a beautiful life ahead of him.  I hope that he rests in peace and ....(I just dont know what to say, sorry, I am a bit upset by today's news of the trial where I even heard of this website) 

Please dont contact me because I put a fake email address, I am a bit afraid myself.

Deeply Sorry,

John Wang

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