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to my little angel in heaven  / Joanne Champagnie (mother)
I feel like ive just existed and now its been almost three years i dont know how ive lived and breathed without you being here.     I know you   lived such a short life as that seems to me, but the pain in my heart is still so great, Yet i know your spirit is free. AT times i think i hear you the thoughts come to my mind. I struggle for the sound of your voice, but your voice i cannot find.YET you come to me in many ways so i know you did not die, you want to tell me that youre close and to please stop asking why. Our lives on earth seem all too brief, or brief as it seems to me. But where you are is forever, god calls that eternity!                                                                                       Ill hear your voice, ill see your smile,though blindly i may grope, the memory of your helping hand will buoy me on with hope.                             I love you and miss you soo much love mommy
Finally rest in peace  / Nancy Bordonaro (a teacher )  Read >>
Finally rest in peace  / Nancy Bordonaro (a teacher )
I am thankful that Johnathan may now be remembered as he should have been all along.  He was a wonderful boy.  Although I did not directly teach him, I will always remember him popping his head in my door to wave at his friend, Nathan, and helping his teacher scare me on Halloween, and helping his teacher tape me up!  He was always smiling and laughing.  We may be missing him, but heaven is lucky to have such an angel!
To mom  / John Madden   Read >>
To mom  / John Madden

 mom please dont feel guilty it was my time to go. I see you are still feeling sad, and the tears just seem to flow. we all come to earth for our lifetime, and for some its not many years I dont want you to keep crying you are shedding so many tears.I havent really left you even though it may seem so.I HAVE JUST GONE TO MY HEAVENLY HOME, and im closer to you than you know.IM standing next to you, I know you long to see me, but theresnothing i can do. but ILL still send you messages and hope you understand, That when your time comes to '' cross over,'' Ill be there to take your hand.     love your angel in heaven    xoxo

heartfelt sympathies  / Franca Tasciotti   Read >>
heartfelt sympathies  / Franca Tasciotti
My family and I would like to express our most heartfelt sympathies for the tragic loss of your son, Johnathon.  May the healing hand of God touch you and your family.  Your memories will live on forever. Close
What A Remarkable Young Man  / Mike W. (None)  Read >>
What A Remarkable Young Man  / Mike W. (None)
I didn't know Johnathon, but I wish that I had.  From what I have read of him on this site, and in the newspapers, I believe that everyone whose life he touched, no matter how briefly, is a better person for it.  My heart aches at the thought of the pain that this wonderful, intelligent, caring young person went through and at the thought of the pain of his family for having lost him but my faith tells me that the loss is temporary.  If there truly is a heaven, and I believe that there is, Johnathon is there.  Heaven is a place without pain and without tears.  It is a place of joy and comfort.  Johnathon is there now and he is watching over his loved ones, looking forward to the day when he will meet you again.

Cherish the memories of your wonderful son and may God give you the strength and the wisdom to go on.  Thank you for sharing this incredible boy with us.  God bless you Johnathon and your family too. Close
My condolances  / Shauna R.   Read >>
My condolances  / Shauna R.
I give my condolances to the family of young Johnathon, its devastating but may he rest in peace. Close
You beautiful, precious soul, Jonathan Robert Madden!!  / B. Davis (None)  Read >>
You beautiful, precious soul, Jonathan Robert Madden!!  / B. Davis (None)
JONATHAN STILL the hearts and memory of all he has touched whether we have known him personally or not!.....and will live on forever this way.

I keep asking myself, why, how, why, how could this have not been stopped, why did it have to happen, where was god to save him, he did not deserve to be taken away in such an offensive manner.  Possibly this is a sign for us all over the world to start loving each other more and hurting each other less and standing up for others who have been inflicted with such bullying or pain, physically or mentally.  I have 3 children whom i worry for each and every day because this has become such a cruel world.

Jonathan, rest in peace you sweet angel, i wish i could have had the pleasure of knowing you in person from all the wonderful things your family and friends say about you - they were truly blessed to even share a brief moment with you in life, it will be such a glorious moment when you meet again.  YOu are a brave soul, as i understand you get that from your mother - she is a brave soul also.  May she have the strenght to carry on each and every day with the memory of your beautiful smile, the love in her heart you have shared and the memory of your sweet face so she can carry on your legacy forever.

God bless you and your family! Close
Never Forget  / Christa Brown   Read >>
Never Forget  / Christa Brown
I had a friend who lost her baby girl to SIDS 6 weeks after she was born. I remember her eyes were so sad and you could see that a part of her was missing. I do not have children but I have never felt such a deep sadness. It has been about 2 years now since her death and there are still times where I cannot fall asleep and cry with sadness. 

My heart goes out to you and your family. You never get over the loss of a child whether it's your own or someone elses. I know that Johnathon is with you and he is so proud that you have created this website for so many people to hear his story and write messages for him and the family. 

My Deepest Deepest Sympathy
Christa Brown

I am truly sorry  / Luke Phelps (age 15) (none)  Read >>
I am truly sorry  / Luke Phelps (age 15) (none)
    I did not know Johnathon, but I know how it feels to lose a loved one, and in this manner it must have been tragic to you, and how much grief you must feel.  I am truly sorry this had to happen, especially to an innocent, young kid.  My utmost condolences, for I hope you can heal your broken heart.

Love, Luke     (you are in my prayers) Close
I lost my brother.  / Alyssa Lloyd (just a stranger who can feel sympathy )  Read >>
I lost my brother.  / Alyssa Lloyd (just a stranger who can feel sympathy )
hi, my names alyssa, i'm a 15 year old, almost 16 who lives in canada, i have a great amount on sympathy for you and your family, you see two years ago almost exactly i lost my older brother Jamie. he was my idol , i loved him so much and i always will, hes never off my mind and i never can forget him, he loved life, he lived it to the fullest, made friends with everyone, had a loving girlfriend and he just graduated from college that spring. but the following fall he was riding his motorcycle, a car came into his lane and hit him straight on, the man never got punished. he killed my brother and now my family lives in pain everyday, we mourn and our lives are so torn apart, i myself have a boyfriend and he even told me he couldnt be happy with me because i was too much of a depressing person. to tell you the truth the only reason i'm living to this day is for my brother Jamie... i need to live my life for him, even if still two years later i cant cope with it. i need to press on and one day i know i'll be strong.. for him. and for my family. i know this seems like i'm rambling on about my own problems, but i want  more people to understand they arent alone, and i want others to know if they need help i dont mind helping a stranger. although i can never understand what its like for you i have some level of understanding in which i know life isnt just all about material things or getting work done around the house, people are so simple minded and its hard to live with. at least i can say i understand that. you have my email, speak to me if you wish this is no obligation, i just like to help others, makes me feel like im not useless in this world. goodbye and all the happiness to you and your family


Alyssa Close
Deepest Sympathy to your and your family  / Diane Barbeau   Read >>
Deepest Sympathy to your and your family  / Diane Barbeau
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I didn't know Johnathon but from reading this website he was a wonderful boy that will be greatly missed in all your hearts.

  I want to thank you  for creating this website so  the whole world could have the opportunity to visit and share thoughts, feelings and condolences.

 When life gets tough, God will be there to pick you up and carry you through the toughest moments.

Your sweet angel Johnathon  will always be by your side giving you strength and guidance to help you carry on.

God bless you and your family.

Forever Love.  / Rhonda Baker (Stranger on Earth Famley in the house of God )  Read >>
Forever Love.  / Rhonda Baker (Stranger on Earth Famley in the house of God )
 I am writeing this letter after many years of following your story in the news. I offer my my prayers for you Jonathon as well for your Mother for you my prayers are for peace and love as you await the day when your loved ones will join you in the house of God watch over them and forever touch there hearts so they can know forgivness and peace all the days of there lives. For your mother I pray for the strength to forgive her first born son to help him now to  heal all of the pains he must of suffered to do this very sad thing he has done. For you Kevin I pray that you truly do find peace in your heart acceptance of your mistqake and the hand of God guides you through the rest of your days take this time you have to do something only you can do, It will be hard work but  you may someday prevent the same thing happening to someone else. To your entier familey stay strong do not turn your back on Kevin he needs you more today then ever.

Gob Bless you all.

Markham On.

No more tears, just laughter!  / Kim, Paul, Lylie &. Owen Shaw(Robinson) (Friends for Life )  Read >>
No more tears, just laughter!  / Kim, Paul, Lylie &. Owen Shaw(Robinson) (Friends for Life )
When you came home form the hospital who would have known how much of an impression you would leave on everyone who knew you and now even those who didn't.  You will never be forgotten by anyone because in your short life you made sure to leave many happy, but silly memories, ones none of us who knew you will ever forget.  

To Joanne, Ralston, Kevin Sr., and the Madden and Eberhardt Families

We are very sorry for this tragedy, but we hope you can in time find peace in this, because as you all know Johnathon has left lots of memories, crazy ones, silly ones and heartfelt ones on all who knew him and hopefully even though it is sad, you will laugh out loud because thats the way he would have wanted it, pure gut wrenching laughing!!!!!  

So to all who knew him and those who didn't, don't shed more tears, laugh with him, pretend he is a crazy clown in the circus and laugh , out loud so he can here you of course!  He wouldn't want it any other way!

Love you buddy!
My Condolences  / Fran   Read >>
My Condolences  / Fran

I was recently doing a project for history class which had to do with current events. While looking through the newpaper i came across your son's story. I saw the website there so i decided to visit it. I want you to know that i am very sorry for your loss and although i did not know him personally, he will always be in my prayers. My Condolences.

Thank you for this website.  / Lorna Grandy   Read >>
Thank you for this website.  / Lorna Grandy
Mrs. Madden you are a very brave woman, and your story makes me very sad. I can't imagine your grief.  I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you for sharing your photos and memories of your beautiful son. I hope in time you will feel better about life, and that someday the hurt for you will be less than it is now. 

All the best and my prayers to you and your family.

Lorna Grandy
Toronto, ON Close
Syracusan sees headlines in Kingston  / Susan F. (visiting from U.S. )  Read >>
Syracusan sees headlines in Kingston  / Susan F. (visiting from U.S. )
I hadn't heard this story prior to a visit to the Kingston Chilifest on 9/30. The headlines and large, close-up photos were everywhere.    I am so sorry for your loss. Both the loss of Johnathon, and the tragedy of the life of your older son. I hope you and he, and all your family find peace.

Susan F.
Liverpool (near Syracuse) Close
I Grieve...  / Samantha Rodrigues (Knew Kevin )  Read >>
I Grieve...  / Samantha Rodrigues (Knew Kevin )
There are no words to explain my feelings.  I knew Kevin, only for a brief time but I knew him.  I never ever imagined that he could ever do something of this gravitude.  Ever since this tragic incident took place I've followed it in the news.  Joanne it must have been horrible trying to grieve the death of one son and then having to wait for your other son to be tried for his murder.  It's like losing both sons at once.  I offer you my deepest sympathy and greatest condolences, I do not know how I would have survived if that had happened to my son.  I sit here staring at him now and it brings tears to my eyes.  You are one strong family and I hope that you stay that way forever.  I know Johnathon is smiling down at us, and he will forever keep on smiling.  

In the words of Peter Gabriel (these words sum up my feelings)

"Did I dream this belief?
Or did I believe this dream?
Now I can find relief
I grieve" 

The face of innocence revealed at last  / J. T. (None)  Read >>
The face of innocence revealed at last  / J. T. (None)
Johnathon, I never new you or your family. I know those that committed the unspeakable acts you suffered. My heart breaks for your parents, watch over them from heaven and help them to be strong. I can only hope that your death will not be in vain and that the powers that be recognise the shortcomings of the YCJA and act accordingly. May you rest in peace and may justice be done on your behalf in this world and the next. Faceless no more, innocent forever. Close
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